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Chukie Edozien: ManLike Lynxxx
15th June 2020 • The Unsullied with Oreka Godis • Eregbaro
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On this episode of #TUWOG, Chukie Edozien gives us a room with a view of the intentional life of Man Like Lynxxx.

Time Stamp

  • Origin story: (03:22)
  • Emergence: (19:27)
  • The ManLike mindset & looking beyond failure (35:00)
  • Choosing to make sacrifices for the greater good (39:36)
  • Talent isn’t everything (42:52)
  • Building for the future (47:39)
  • Measuring success (57:17)
  • On the recklessness of Y.O.L.O (01:02:59)
  • Addiction and rockstars lifestyle (01:05:23)
  • Living with intent (01:07:14)
  • Self mastery (01:07:44)
  • Unlearning bad programming (01:09:56)
  • On the reading list this week (01:21:32)
  • Sharing information to build generational wealth ( 01:29:00 )

The Unsullied Book Club

ManLikeLynxxx recommends two must reads this week:

  1. The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?’ by Rick Warren. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books.
  2. The Art of Simplicity: A Simple Guide to Focusing on the Essentials of the Heart’ by Candy Paull. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books.

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