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How to Overcome Roadblocks for More Impact
Episode 38819th June 2024 • Systems Saved Me® • Jordan Gill
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In this episode of the System Saving Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Frenchie Frenzy, a growth strategist, who shared valuable insights on overcoming roadblocks to achieve more impact in business. Frenchie emphasized the importance of making decisions, simplifying solutions, and focusing on the end goal to navigate through obstacles effectively. She highlighted the significance of being a bold decision-maker and provided a framework, "FED," to guide listeners in making impactful decisions.


00:00:00 - Introduction to the podcast

00:06:30 - Overcoming roadblocks with the first key

00:10:39 - Simplifying solutions for impact

00:18:07 - Being a bold decision maker

00:26:34 - Discussion on decision fatigue and its impact

00:27:36 - Where to find more from Frenchie


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