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Which Solfa to Start with in Kodály Music Lessons?
Episode 2616th June 2022 • Doremi Teach • Helen Russell
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Do you teach music using the Kodály Approach? Or maybe you’re thinking about it and are wondering where to start.

You know you want to teach using solfa, and you know that throwing them into the full diatonic scale is not the best way. But which subset of the tones, or toneset, do you teach first?

Here are my thoughts, including details on how to access a free mini course that’s usually just for Doremi members.

Oh and get ready for some controversy.

Key Points:

  • Young beginners
  • so-mi and la-so-mi
  • Older beginners
  • so-mi or mi-re-do or something else?!!
  • When do we make an exception?
  • Grab my free mini course at

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