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366: Finding Your Enough As An Entrepreneur with Jeanetta Garrison, LCSW
16th May 2024 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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More is not always better. We often find that what we are chasing in our pursuit of success is not what we thought it was. Entrepreneurship for private practice clinicians naturally attracts many high achievers and recovering perfectionists, so we need to take a pause and periodically reassess and redefine what success looks like. Join us for a closer look at this important topic!

Our Featured Guest

Jeanetta Garrison, LCSW

Jeanetta Garrison is an anxiety therapist in private practice in Charlotte, NC. She is the perfect person to share insights into today’s topic. In this episode, Jeanetta shares a personal story about what she learned about money during her childhood, along with how we navigate our aspirations and what we go after to achieve success. We wrap up with a discussion of knowing what is “enough” and being cautious about who we follow after as mentors and examples. 

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You’ll Learn:

  • Common characteristics of entrepreneurs in private practice
  • Jeanetta’s family story of how she learned about money from her upbringing
  • Having big hearts of service sets us up to allow boundaries to be crossed
  • The need for clarity in communication with clients about cancellations and no-shows
  • Chasing the proverbial “carrot” to reach success
  • Jeanetta’s advice: “Remember your WHY and center your head, heart, and spirit around it.”
  • Think about your success in terms of what you are sacrificing for it!
  • Navigating the ebbs and flows that are inherent in entrepreneurship
  • How Jeanetta grounds herself with what is “enough” for her in her business
  • Thinking about money in terms of what it symbolizes to us (“All money is not good money.”)


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