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Simão Lagoá
Episode 56th May 2021 • Pursuing Profit with Principles • Regina Partain Bergman
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After years of successful work In graphic design, working all over the world for companies like VistaPrint, Simao was asking questions like What’s the next step for me? What does the future hold? Not seeing himself as particularly entrepreneurial, and setting his doubts aside, he decided to go for it after taking a T Harv Eker development course. By the way, he met his future wife in that course. But that is another story. Join me today as I visit with Simao.

Bio:  Founder and creative director of SLDesign, focusing on brand strategy/production and business development.  He is particularly passionate about working with coaches, trainers and speakers, athletes, fitness centers, nutrition / clothing brands and personal trainers.

Relevant Timestamps:

[00:00] Introduction

[14:15]  We are ignorant to our ignorance

[15:39]  Busting the myths of entrepreneurship

[26:30]  Leadership rinciple

[29:27]  Passion drives success

[30:35]  Profit strategy

Key Takeaways:

  • We all need a coach
  • Stay on your Purpose
  • Mindset is critical
  • Failure as a requirement for success
  • Follow your passion
  • Know your numbers

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