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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 25, 11th May 2021
How To Win Happy - With Jennifer Dawn
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How To Win Happy - With Jennifer Dawn

Tom Bailey, Founder Of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer is a business coach, the founder of Jennifer Dawn Coaching and The Best Planner Ever. Jennifer guides entrepreneurs to grow their business, achieve goals, and contribute on a higher level with coaching and consulting services.

Why you've got to check out Jennifer's episode:

- Learn how Jennifer helps business owners who are usually a little frustrated with their business and are trying to unlock it's full potential as they move towards their first million.

- Understand the typical concerns, challenges and difficulties that business owners face which ultimately leads to them falling out of love with their business.

- The impact of stress, overwhelm and being stretched too thin as a business owner and what this can do for your business.

- How to be in a better emotional state and how it can make you a better leader, better business owner and help you fix any challenges you currently have in your business.

- The importance of understanding the challenges in your business, and then working through these challenges one at a time, instead of trying to juggle and work through too many challenges at one time.

- Why you should reach out for support so that you can get the help that you need and don't suffer alone.

- Get access to Profit First which is a cash management system that helps you put an easy to understand finance structure into your business.

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