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Episode 525th January 2023 • Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba • Scuba
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Why should the DJs get all the money?

And there is a lot of it. Over a billion dollars in fees paid to arguably the least popular members of the music industry every year, mostly for "adding value" to a live event by playing other peoples' music.

This week's guest, DVS1, has led a team which seeks to address that financial imbalance by providing an elegant mechanism for DJs to give some of their astronomical remuneration back to the producers whose hard work they make a living free-riding on.

It's called Aslice, and you should join it right NOW. Whether you're a DJ, wracked with the guilt of stiffing so many people for so long, or a producer, hoping to pick up some of that revenue that's yours by right.

You might think the above is somewhat hyperbolic, but I can stand behind the broad thrust of it. This really is a serious imbalance in the market, and correcting it will do so much good on so many levels. Which is one of the topics of this week's conversation.

In addition to that, we discuss my interlocutor's roots in the Minneapolis rave scene, building the ideal party, and the relationship between his DJing, producing, and promoting.

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