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198. How to Overcome Your Fear Of Selling with Alyssa Nobriga
Episode 19828th December 2021 • The BossBabe Podcast • BossBabe
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What if we told you that, after this episode, you would have everything you need to attract the high value clients you desire and break your money ceiling? You just need to get to the root of the emotional patterns blocking you, first! 

Consciously, you’re putting yourself out there, but if you’re struggling to see results work in your favor, a deep-rooted limiting belief could be blocking your potential.  

Alyssa Nobriga, Founder and CEO The Institute of Coaching Mastery, is here to short circuit the subconscious loop feeding your fear of failure. Get the tools to integrate your blocks, and redirect those under-the-radar insecurities about selling. 

Watch this space! Soon, confidence and clients will be flooding your way. 

Just imagine feeling totally fulfilled from living your life's purpose to connect and serve as a coach. With Alyssa’s roadmap–and incredible Coaching Mastery course, it’s totally possible! Listen now. 


  • The secret to turning a “No” into a “Yes” in sales conversations
  • How to unlock your authentic confidence + sell without self-doubt
  • A peek into the somatic practice proven to dissolve your fears in 90 seconds!
  • The three things you need to unlock your next level of success
  • What you can do right now to align with your gifts + shift your sales mindset