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Divinity Roxx
Episode 783rd January 2022 • The DNA Airwaves • The DNA Project
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Happy New Year! Grammy-nominated musician and artist Divinity Roxx, join us for our first podcast of 2022! Divinity is a female bass legend, best known as the Musical Director and bass player in Beyonce’s all-female band. Despite her appearances with so many legendary and iconic figures, it is in her solo performance that Divinity shines brightest. She combines virtuosic bass playing with an eclectic mash-up of hip-hop, rock, and funk that she calls ‘Alternative Soul.’ Her passion for composition combined with her lyrical prowess and electrifying stage presence captivates audiences worldwide. She is currently performing, teaching, and writing multiple projects, including a new album, a stage play, and a children’s book and music series. We connect with Divinity over the internet and get a chance to hear about the incredible moment with legendary Victor Wooten, where she was then invited to tour; we also discuss her love for hip-hop and much more. Fantastic chat with an incredibly cool human! Enjoy responsibly

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