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Episode 3: Wrestling with "The Breaker" and Finding the Biggest Breakthrough w/ Pam Ross
18th October 2020 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Pam Ross is an Inspirer with a powerful ability to identify and activate the genius in others. She is a multiplier who has led hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals to dramatically increase their personal leadership and team-building ability. “Our greatest wealth is found in people who find the courage to discover and embrace who they really are.”

Pam uses various forms of media to reach a global audience with her dynamic message of serving, leading and loving. She is the author of Serving, Leading and Loving, a survival guide for Kingdom leaders, the Serving, Leading and Loving personal development guide, The Force of Joy, building an unstoppable you and 30 Days of Joyful Living. Pam is the host of The Culturalist, conversations with Pam Ross, Podcast.

Pam is the president and lead trainer of Kingdom Leadership Development, a non-profit training and consulting organization. She is also Executive Director of Leadership and Culture at All Nations Worship Assembly, Global Headquarters and The Culturalist for the ANWA Collective. Pam is the mother of three adult daughters, Imani, Nia and Zoe.

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In our conversation with Pam, you'll hear:

-Partnering with "the Breaker" before Pam's biggest breakthrough...4:25

-Obedience to God leads to heartbreak and humiliation...10:20

-"You can have that man, but you can't have the life I have for you..."16:30

-Finding joy in the Lord while feeling His anger...19:55

-The times we need to surrender to success...24:45

-Peace, rest and joy after the breakthrough...28:05

-When to let go of what is precious in order to follow God's will for your life...32:15



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