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What Does It Really Take, To Create A Level Playing Field? [Episode 1]
Episode 119th June 2020 • Soul Led Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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What does it really take to create a level playing field? One where everybody has the same opportunity to grow and thrive and shine, based on who they are and what they most love doing and their real inner talents, rather than the environment and culture around them? 

It takes more than inclusion. It takes more than doing what we've done before and expecting different results. And logic isn't enough. How to do this - and more - is waiting for you in today's episode of the Soul Led Leaders podcast.

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The Soul Led Leaders podcast is for corporate leaders who are making waves and changing the rules - with their hearts, not just their heads. But they know that their secret 3am self-talk is getting in the way.

Episodes include interviews with trailblazers, sharing the secrets of how they've achieved their success, and inspirational how-to, to create breakthroughs on topics as diverse as Imposter Syndrome, natural resilience, and influencing authentically, to have the impact your ideas and dreams deserve.

Led by Clare Josa, law-changer, 8x author and international speaker, each episode is designed to help you to clear out the glass ceilings you never realised you had put in your own way.

Clare shares her unique blend of the psychology and neuroscience of performance, an engineer's common sense, and demystified ancient wisdom, to create what her clients call 'Soul-Engineered Solutions' that get you taking inspired action on your dreams.

It's time to step up to become a Soul Led Leader - showing up with all of who you really are - and reclaim your power to make the difference you know are really here to make in the world, with clarity, confidence and passion!