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The Prequel - Procrastination, Accountability, and 3 Things We Wish We Knew Back Then
26th October 2022 • C Students • C Students
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On today's class Long & Ray tackles the most universally difficult question EVERYONE struggles with..."What Do You Want To Eat For Dinner?"

Yes...that's right, this is the prequel episode where it all began! What started out as a nonsense random recording turned into something that was actually lesson worthy.

Practical advice like how productivity hacks don't help with procrastination, to taking a more practical look into social anxiety, and ending the episode with 3 really useful things they wish their younger selves knew!

Show Notes:

0:08 | The Prequel

0:32 | The universal daily problem we all deal with..."What Do You Want To Eat For Dinner?"

5:46 | Everybody likes the thought of trying something new

7:40 | Procrastination, the best productivity hack won't save you

9:45 | No one really holds themselves accountable

11:35 | Dealing with anxiety depending on the context

21:56 | First Impressions Matter...let's be honest

24:00 | Recap Indecision, Accountability, Social Anxiety

27:10 | 3 Things You'll Tell Your Younger Self


"stop caring about what people think and focus more on how your enjoying your time" [16:00]

"it's gonna to get very hard, and you might as well try your hardest right now, like your best right now" [28:14]

"time catches up really fast...once you realize what you actually want to do"[29:42]

"don't listen to other want to take the shot, take the shot" [41:17]

"if you think about something more then two times, and the answer was you should've f***ing done it. If it comes back a third time you probably should do it." [49:30]

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