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Freedom Hack Radio - Bryce Robertson EPISODE 14, 31st July 2020
FHR #014: Increase Health, Reduce Toxicity, Cell Phone Health Effects & PH Levels with Jo-Anne Brown
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FHR #014: Increase Health, Reduce Toxicity, Cell Phone Health Effects & PH Levels with Jo-Anne Brown





The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation - Dr Devra Davis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwyDCHf5iCY

Masaru Emoto (Japanese Water Study) https://www.masaru-emoto.net/en/

PH test strips (get these from your local pharmacy. Cost is only a few dollars for about 100 tests)

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! Clinton Ober https://www.amazon.com/Earthing-Most-Important-Health-Discovery/dp/1591202833

Earthing https://earthinginstitute.net/

Dirty Dozen https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/dirty-dozen.php

Clean Fifteen https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/clean-fifteen.php

Chaste Tree https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitex_agnus-castus


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Jo-Anne Brown is a Natural Therapist from Australia

She uses frequency based therapy in conjunction with Chinese Medicine principles

Joanne used to be a civil engineer

We learn how anger can be an important and useful emotion

We learn about the types of organs in Chinese Medicine and how to keep balance between these systems


Bryce talks to the health and energetic healer Jo-Anna Brown

She is a natural therapist in Queensland Australia

She uses frequency based therapy in conjunction with Chinese medicine principles and also bio-resonance therapy.

This involves healing energy blocks in the body

In her intuitive sessions she encourages clients to let go of toxins with their energetic systems

Jo-Anna has an engineering background so sees the scientific and intuitive worlds on the same continuum rather than the opposite.

She was a skeptic before she was a believer; She was studying civil engineering and had chronic fatigue and diarrhea, migraines for 3 days straight, panic attacks every day

This affected the way she could earn money and she needed answers

She started bio-resonance therapy sessions and started to get better despite her skepticism.

Our health is affected by our genetics but we also have to take responsibility because our health can be affected by food and what we’re exposed to.

Anger can be a positive emotion as long as it doesn’t fester; it should be something to work through.

Emotions can alert us to imbalances in the body - in Chinese medicine there’s a 5 element theory 5 groups of organs, wood, water, metal, fire and earth.

Wood organs are the liver and gallbladder and anger sits in the liver, so if you get angry frequently then your liver needs support.

An acidic diet has negative effects like yeast infections, ulcers, moody with sugar spikes.

You can counteract this by eating all the veggies of different colors

Hormonal imbalances are an issue in the body but they can be hard to find so you need to figure out it’s a problem to start with, and then you can help them with taking herbal supplements.