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What to Do When Your business Feels Stuck
Episode 924th July 2021 • Growth Velocity Show - Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Startup Tip‪s‬ • Howard Kingston
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What do you do when your business is stuck?

This happens to everybody some time in their career, this is part of the game. How you approach the issue and which actions you take makes all the difference. I will share with you 3 specific things what I do when my business feels stuck? How do you figure out how to get momentum again? What do you need, to feel that you move in the right direction? Unlock the next level of your business.

There is a question you have to ask yourself. You want to learn what it is? Watch this video to learn what you need, to get over the obstacles and how you should approach to your problems.

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Tip #1 diagnose the problem
My favorite quote
Tip #2 get focused and get a plan
Tip #3 fear


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Hey guys, Howard Kingston here from growth velocity.

So what do you do when you're stuck? Let's say the business you're growing is stuck. It's plateaued. And you're just not growing as fast as he used to. Guys, this happens to everybody some time in their career. And I want to share it in this video, I want to share like three very specific things I do whenever I'm stuck, that always gets me moving again, I'm also going to give you an example of a plate of a time I was stuck.


So I remember a few years ago, where my business, my mobile advertising business, we grow and we'd raise some investment, we'd probably done a couple of $100,000 of revenue. And then we got stuck, we kind of hit a plateau, things went really, really, really hard. I remember getting like super fed up. And I remember at the time, I actually wanted to leave my company. And I remember a mentor of mine called Dan. I remember having a chat with him. And I was like Dan, you know, things are really stuck, I think, you know, well, I actually think I'm just gonna quit this business. It's not working. And he was like, Listen, this is something that happens to everybody, at some point when they're growing a business. So if you know, if you're growing a world, you know, if you're the marketer of a business, or it's your own business, and you're trying to grow it, and things have gotten stuck. What he said to me was, you know, here's this all the time, and like at some point in do, or another, he hears it from different people. And the question he asked me, which I'm now going to ask you, in turn, is


ible marketing comes from the:


let's say you had a user journey, when someone hits your website for the first time right through to when they check out most of the issues when I speak to people, people kind of focus in on that last step when people are checking out and making a final purchase. Whereas the reality is, most of the issues most regularly, are at the very first experiences the first one or two steps in that experience. So what I mean by that is, imagine kind of like visualize a, visualize a funnel, right in your mind. The first one or two steps at the top of the funnel is when someone hits the website, maybe books in for a call with your sales team, let's say for example, and then the bottom of the funnel is when someone goes ahead and makes a purchase. Most of the time, people are stuck because they're not getting enough numbers at the top end of the funnel. They spent all their time focusing on the one or two people who you know are are thinking about making a purchase, and they're not just not getting enough people into the top of the funnel. I Remember, I learned that the hard way when I was launching mobile, my mobile advertising business I bluedio, it took me a long time to realize that the one key metric I needed to make sure we were we had on target every single week was the number of meetings that my sales team we're having a week. Because if you don't have the sales meetings, you don't have the meetings, that means that people don't buy. Most time, people are worried about the number of contracts, they're signing out none of the focus at the top end of your marketing funnel, the stuff at the bottom of the marketing funnel will start to solve its own problems out most people, the reason why you have you're stuck is because the first one or two things at the top of your marketing funnel, there's not enough numbers up there, you're not bringing enough people into what's called your marketing funnel. Okay. And then tip number three, is fear of breaking through the fear to actually change something, so many people are just stuck. And they're just used to doing one way of doing something, and they're not prepared to make a bold change, whether that be make an investment, or make an investment in themselves or change something radically, like maybe pivot the business, the reality is, you're stuck for a reason. If you keep on doing things, the way that you are doing them, you're not going to change. So you got to be prepared, that you're going to have to get outside your comfort zone, do something different. And sometimes that that means doing something scary, like hiring a new marketing team member or, you know, investing in a coach, or, you know, pivoting and changing your messaging. You know, we do that all the time at growth velocity Academy, like I'm constantly like, I've reinvented the business probably six times in the last 12 months, especially with everything that happened when when COVID hit and everything. And you got to be prepared the same I see so many people just stuck in their ways. And it's not working, but yet they're used to it set up, they're not prepared to make a change. And that's really the final thing, when you're stuck to get unstuck means you're going to have to get out of your outside your comfort zone, do something a little bit different. Maybe bring in some outside expertise, give you some perspective, and only then we'll be out you will be able to unlock the next level of growth. But the good news is, if you're stuck in your business, guess where you are, you've already launched and you've already gotten to a certain point. I know you can, I'm telling you, you can get unstuck and go to the next level getting stuck is almost just part of the game. Don't like no one has a straight line from launch through to multi million dollars. Now, this is part of the game. And it's up to you to see how you react with it. Are you going to stay stuck? Are you going to do something that you need to do to get unstuck and go to the next level? Okay, guys, so hopefully that's useful. Just shared the three key things that you need to think about when you're, if you're stuck in your business, one, diagnose the issue to get focus and have a plan, particularly around those top of funnel metrics. And then three, break through the fear and get Be prepared to break through and do something which is outside your comfort zone. Okay, guys, if this is useful, I'd love to hear from you. And I'd love you to share this message with somebody that you know, needs to hear it today. Okay, peace out. This is Howard. chatter.


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