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Why The Practice of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Will Not Be Enough To Save Brands and Businesses
Episode 519th December 2023 • The Change Podcast by Reframe • Jeffrey L. Bowman
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In the fifth and final  episode of our pilot season we're directing our focus inward by delving into the Reframe concept. Our exploration involves a profound interview with leaders who seek to redefine the essence of reframing, along with the overarching ambition to address a longstanding issue through an innovative paradigm shift of change management. 

This episode features conversations with both founders, Jeffrey L. Bowman, the Chief Executive Officer, and Safraz Sears, the Chief Technology Officer. Together, they share insights into the Reframe journey, its inception, and the validation process of their software solution that involved collaborating with over 40 plus Fortune 500 brands and businesses.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode

  • Discover Jeffrey's in-depth exploration of DE&I, Reframe, and tech-enabled change management concepts.
  • Learn about the historical context of DE&I, understanding its evolution and recognizing why DEI efforts faced challenges over time.
  • Find out about the development of a 'change operating system' through Reframe, including the use of a mini cultural assessment tool available at
  • Learn how Safraz identified a gap in the problem Jeffrey was addressing, leading to their partnership and the development of technology to address that gap.

Topics Covered:

00:01- Jeffrey Getting in-depth into the concept of DE&I, what is Reframe and what is tech-enabled change management

02:51 - Going back to DE&I history in the 60's and understanding how things evolve since then and why DEI efforts were lost in the process

05:08 - Developing a 'change operating system' through Reframe with a mini cultural assessment tool: 

08:55 - The number one thing missing why DE&I didn't work back then and how they bridge that gap and overcome the problem

09:02 - Safraz sharing how they’ve found a gap in the problem Jeffrey was solving and partnered with him and started developing the technology to bridge that gap

12:00 - What the journey looks like as they go through multiple iterations of the software – the cultural maturity assessment model

13:05 - How this cultural maturity assessment tool that Reframe built help in identifying gaps in an organization as well as provide solution to those problems.

Quotable Quote:

"Nothing about corporate America was invented, designed, structured for people of color. From a corporation standpoint, what organizations needed was a transformation, and a change management approach. And that's what we've created at Reframe.” - Jeffrey Bowman

“Reframe’s cultural maturity assessment, really is the first cultural assessment in the workplace that you can use today to identify those gaps within your organization and of course has the other solution in terms of treating those gaps as far as technology goes.” - Safraz Sears

"I signed up to solve a large problem, and I knew it was a large problem. DE&I culture in the workplace, corporate America was all new to me. But Jeffrey has been a mentor and I learned the space, learned the gaps, and really was able to bring my technology expertise towards solving that." - Safraz Sears

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