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Getting People's Negative Perceptions of you Out of your Head!
Episode 2423rd April 2021 • Color My Life Happy • Maria Lesetz
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Do you find that what others are saying about you is impacting how you feel about yourself? In this episode I share my coaching tips on how to disregard others' negative perceptions of you and to start building your self-esteem and confidence from within. What people say about your life, how you are choosing to live it and how you look, is none of their business and shouldn't be renting space in your mind creating anxiety and stress in your life. You have a choice to turn this all around and to start not giving a rip what others say and start improving what you are saying about yourself. Improve your self-talk and tell your own positive, empowering story about your life, and you will see your life and how good you feel improving significantly as each day passes!