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Cody Bjugan | Money Is Only a Tool
Episode 2316th August 2022 • Passive Wealth Principles • Jake Harris
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Cody Bjugan is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor and a 20-year veteran land developer on projects across the United States, with a lot of experience in acquisitions and entitlements of OFF-MARKET raw land that has development potential.

He is the founder of VestRight, a company he created to share his knowledge and make a difference in people’s lives by teaching them how to generate truly life-changing wealth through land acquisition deals.

VestRight has trained hundreds of students on how to successfully find off-market raw land with development potential and sell them for 6-7 figures profit per deal, without putting their own capital at risk. 

Cody is achieving his mission of Purpose, Impact, and Fulfillment by helping to change the lives of those willing to adopt new business models.

In today's episode of the Passive Wealth principles podcast, Jake Harris will have a conversation with Cody about his journey to success and his life philosophy. 

You will find out a little bit about Cody’s background and his really interesting personal story.

Cody will share an important moment in his life through which he learned responsibility and he will also reveal the three keywords he uses to present himself.

He will talk about the way he leveraged investing $250,000 into some land deals and made over $5 million in profit.

You will find out why Cody almost went to prison for some IRS structuring and the lessons he took from this experience.

Cody will share how and why he decided he has to rebuild his relationship with money and will talk about why you should stop trying to control everything and start exercising your faith muscle.

He will also share his personal slogan, why he believes we need fulfillment instead of happiness and will reveal his secret to finding true fulfillment. 

Listen now and enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show: 

  • An important moment in Cody’s life through which he learned responsibility
  • The way Cody leveraged investing $250,000 into some land deals and made over $5 million in profit
  • Some details about Cody’s first real estate deal
  • About Cody’s personal slogan and why we need fulfillment instead of happiness  
  • What is Cody doing today and how does he apply the lessons he took from his past professional experiences?
  • And so much more...


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