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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 211, BONUS EPISODE, 17th August 2019
Podcasting's Two-and-a-Half-Men Problem [Episode 211 Bonus E]

Podcasting's Two-and-a-Half-Men Problem [Episode 211 Bonus E]

"What? A Friday and a Saturday show, Evo?"

Don't worry. I'm not making a habit out of this. It's just that you people keep going to BuyMeACoffee.com/evoterra and demanding more. So... thanks!

With the sounds of the vendors at Podcast Movement 2019 tearing down around us, I sat down with Alban Brooke, Head of Growth at Buzzsprout, in the fancy Buzzsprout recording booth. They had two lovely-looking SM7Bs (my studio mic is back in my studio), and Alban has shared with me his theory on podcasting's "Two-And-A-Half Men" Problem.

(Oh, and 2hile it was great fun to do an interview, I don't plan on changing the format of the show!)

I'll be back on Monday with a brand new miniseries!