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al Frisco - kevin hunsanger EPISODE 2, 5th October 2020
al Frisco: Episode 2
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al Frisco: Episode 2

A production of The San Francisco Cultural History Museum

In this episode Meaghan Mitchell, Broke Ass Stuart and myself dig into the uncanny history of San Francisco’s open spaces. Plus, ewwww! Dead bodies. And while San Francisco begins to allow for indoor dining, we’ll still hip you to historic locations where you can enjoy take away picnics, because, yeah ... indoor dining. Our feature interview is with The San Francisco Mime Troupe’s artistic director Micheal Gean Sullivan – he tells us all about their amazing new radio show and reflects on sixty years of sticking their collective thumb in the eyes of those capitalist bastards. And of course, save some room for The Stud’s Marke B, who’ll be bringing us up to speed on trends in Bay Area nightlife.