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Wine Down - Questions and Retirement Answers
Episode 4125th January 2021 • Secure Your Retirement • Secure Your Retirement
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Our lives might look very different today from how they looked 12 months ago but we’ve been blown away by how quickly and successfully everyone has adapted.

In this first Wine Down Show of 2021, we discuss how communities and businesses are maintaining connection – even when socially distanced. Listen in as two of our previous podcast guests, Emily Smith and Andrea Groon, join us once again to share their thoughts, and, of course, a glass of wine!

Emily is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Glenaire retirement community, and Andrea is a Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist. To hear more from them, listen to their previous podcast interviews, "Emily Smith - Continuous Care Retirement Community - What Are Your Options?," and "Andrea Groon - How to be Healthy in 2021."

In this episode find out:

  • Which wine has more health benefits
  • How retirees embraced video conferencing technology
  • How CCRCs are reaching out to future residents
  • Why video conferencing could become a permanent part of business communications
  • Three small changes you can make today to make yourself healthier
  • How activities and groups help CCRC residents stay active

Tweetable Quotes:

“[Technology] has opened our eyes to how we can stay connected.” – Emily Smith

“As you age, you tend to drink less. If you do not consume a lot of fluids, especially water, it can be a challenge to increase that intake.” – Andrea Groon

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