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Malindi Elmore: The Queen of endurance
Episode 5716th December 2020 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Malindi Elmore joins us this week to talk about her incredible athletic and coaching career and being on the brink of a surprise qualification for the Tokyo Olympics in the marathon. The Canadian, who turned 40 in 2020, competed at the 2004 Olympics in the 1500m, before retiring from athletics in 2012. She dabbled in triathlon to get fit after giving birth to her first son and soon found herself racing in the pro ranks and going sub 9 hours on her Ironman debut in 2016. She retired from triathlon after having her second son in June 2018, before deciding to have a crack at the marathon. It's an awesome interview with an awesome woman.

You'll hear:

09:36 Why she was just happy to run with no expectations after giving birth to her second child

11:20 I'd run an hour with my friends at 5min/km and I'd have to stop for a breather.

12:18 Her favourite quote that training builds fitness, but it doesn't prove it

18:28 Her first thoughts when she crossed the line of her first marathon was to find her son and breastfeed him

34:14 Malindi is also a top running coach and I ask her what advice she gave to her athletes regarding the uncertainty of 2020

42:20 We talk about the lack of elite female running coaches

51:10 The fact it makes her chuckle that she is on the brink of going to the Olympics again

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