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5th March 2021 • Micro Success Secrets • Tad Stephens
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00:01:12 favorite quote from Zig Ziglar

00:02:08 Mailbox money

00:02:39 when the internet first came along

00:04:12 More engagement is required

00:04:48 start with the offer

00:05:16 I was always looking for the next 20 sales

00:05:41 focused on the next sale

00:06:40 the only way you know that you got a good offer

00:07:59 A lot higher level of clientele

The opportunity is if we'll do the right work, the smart work, we will execute it, we’ll evaluate, we’ll tweak it and just keep doing it over and over and over and over again. If you've got the right offer to the right audience, chances are good for you.