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Joyful fun with Debbie DuHaime from IHeartMedia
Episode 510th November 2022 • A Holy Mess • A Holy Mess
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We have alot of fun on this one. After two weeks of great, but intense, conversations with a Catholic Exorcist, Fr. Paul has a joyfully fun conversation with Debbie DuHaime from IHeartMedia and Total Traffic. Debbie talks about her 20 plus years in broadcast media, all the while being a practicing Catholic. Hear about why her faith is important to her. Why she is public about  it. Her service to different Catholic ministries/charities. Her experience on The Joe Piscopo Show, and her recent trip to the hometown of Padre Pio with them, and much more . 

Fr. Paul tells about his recent chance encounter with Padre Pio's priest secretary, as well as his experience meeting and speaking to Joe Piscopo, himself . 

Also, Fr. Paul and Dave Sturchio record what is probably their best introduction thus far. Listen as they have alot of fun joking back and forth with each other, as well as some massive "dad jokes" from Fr. Paul which make Dave cringe!!!

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