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Major Tom Schueman - Always Faithful: The Ground View Story Of An Escape From The Taliban
Episode 3722nd August 2022 • Dealcasters • Jim Fuhs & Chris Stone
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In August of 2021, America ended its longest war. As the world watched the shocking scene at the Kabul airport, Marine Major Tom Schueman fought—both behind the scenes and through a social media campaign—to get his friend and former Afghan interpreter, Zak, out of Afghanistan before he and his family were discovered by the Taliban.

This led to the release of ALWAYS FAITHFUL: A Story of the War in Afghanistan, the Fall of Kabul, and the Unshakable Bond Between a Marine and an Interpreter. Written by Major Tom Schueman and Zainullah Zaki, it’s a heartfelt dual memoir told by two men from opposite worlds.

 Brilliantly told in Tom’s and Zak’s alternating first person voices, ALWAYS FAITHFUL tracks the parallel lives of these two men who each spent their childhoods in fear, peril, and poverty, and turned to war in an attempt to build a meaningful future. Their lives dovetail in Afghanistan’s deadly Helmand Valley, where they formed a brotherhood, eventually culminating in Zak’s harrowing, eleventh-hour rescue. The book is an intensely personal and uniquely ground-level account of Tom and Zak’s experience, giving readers a provocative and heart pounding 360-degree view of the war.  You won’t want to miss this show!

Be sure to pick up “ALWAYS FAITHFUL: A Story of the War in Afghanistan, the Fall of Kabul, and the Unshakable Bond Between a Marine and an Interpreter” on Amazon: 

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Major Tom Schueman to cover Zak’s legal fees in getting him and his family to the US:  https://HelpZak.Dealcasters.Live 

If you cannot donate, please send your congressional reps letters and write your local papers. 

Zak put his life on the line for our country.  The very least we can do is offer his family a chance at survival in the land of the free and home of the brave.

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