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Strategies for Company Value Creation - Episode 12 of Power Players by Origis®
Episode 1219th May 2023 • Power Players by Origis® • Origis
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Topic: Strategies for Company Value Creation 

Moderator: Michael Eyman, Managing Director, Origis Services 

Guest: David Vence, Partner, Antin Infrastructure Partners 

Delivering clean electrons and molecules in the race to decarbonize wields immense pressure.  Opportunity demands are felt by all companies in the supply chain including those in funding roles. Financial market leaders must identify the right investments and then boost value. In this episode of Power Players by Origis®, David Vence, a partner with Antin Infrastructure Partners, joins Michael Eyman of Origis Services to discuss Antin’s assessment model, its view of value creation and the specific tools leaders can implement to build company value.  

The power players discussed: 

  • The Antin Approach  
  • Unlocking Value Creation 
  • The Data Roadmap Toolkit 

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