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REVOXYLIFE - Episode 1
Episode 130th October 2020 • REVOXYLIFE: Revelations From the Oxymorons of Life • Sophia Edwards-Bennett
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In her inaugural episode of REVOXYLIFE, Dr. EB provides a 10,000ft view of her personal and professional experience in the medical field.

Dr. EB is a Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist who gained her medical and oncology post-graduate education from Harvard’s Cancer Therapeutics and Research Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Cornell Medical College.

Following her years of experience within Oncology, Dr. EB has further contributed to the medical community by authoring and co-authoring peer-reviewed publications to provide her valuable insight into this complex medical space.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy sophisticated conversations from a professional at the top of her game as she shares her wisdom, insight, and outlook on the battle against cancer.


01:00 - Who hasn't been impacted by cancer

02:30 - The battle against one's own anxiety while also fighting cancer itself

05:30 - The Big C Re-attitudes overview

08:00 - Reactions her patients have had to the re-attitude

13:00 - Dr. EB's upbringing and career path

17:00 - When passion meets purpose for Dr. EB

20:30 - Her passion consumes her

23:55 - An example of psychological toxicity and how Dr. EB treats it

27:00 - How does Dr. EB manage the grief associated with losing her own patients

32:15 - How must the medical world change to implement more of the Big C Re-attitudes

34:30 - Too much money is spent on medical 'red tape'

35:15 - How other doctors react to Dr. EB's approach

37:00 - When it comes to my patients, I don't believe there is any other way

38:53 - Closing remarks


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