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Mastering SEO for your Wedding Business - with Sara Dunn
Episode 7310th August 2023 • Wedding Pros who are ready to grow - with Becca Pountney • Becca Pountney
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Does SEO give you a headache? You want to rise to the top of Google but it just feels like an impossible challenge. In today's episode the fabulous Sara Dunn of Sara Does SEO is breaking it down for you. Her mission - to allow all wedding businesses to understand SEO, without the jargon. In this episode Sara breaks down mastering SEO for your wedding business.

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The Q&A Blog Exchange [00:00:00] Sara discusses the idea of a Q&A blog exchange between businesses to generate more content and links.

Introduction to Sara Dunn [00:01:09] Becca introduces Sara Dunn, a wedding specialist who helps wedding pros rank higher in Google.

Sara's Background and SEO for the Wedding Industry [00:01:52] Sara Dunn shares her background and how she got into SEO, specifically for the wedding industry.

Tip 1: Figuring out what people are searching for [00:09:55] Importance of brainstorming keywords and understanding what potential clients are searching for.

Tip 2: Using keywords on your website [00:13:15] The importance of using keywords on your website, including in headings, page text, and SEO titles.

Tip 3: Optimizing specific pages on your site [00:17:47] Avoiding the common mistake of repeating the same keyword throughout the entire website and instead focusing on optimizing specific pages.

Optimizing your homepage and blog content [00:17:57] Sara Dunn explains the importance of optimizing the homepage for the most important keyword and expanding on other related keywords through blog content.

The role of Google Business Profile in SEO [00:20:13] Sara Dunn emphasizes the significance of setting up a Google Business Profile to communicate important information about your business to Google and build trust.

The importance of backlinks in SEO [00:21:25] Sara Dunn discusses the importance of backlinks in SEO and how they indicate trust and authority, cautioning against buying low-quality links and suggesting guest blogging as a way to obtain high-quality links.

The importance of using tools for accurate SEO ranking [00:26:48] Using tools or an incognito window in Chrome is more accurate than Googling your keywords to check your ranking.

Understanding the Yoast plugin for SEO optimization [00:27:56] The Yoast plugin provides signals on how well your content is optimized, but it doesn't communicate with Google directly.

The Wedding SEO Bootcamp and its benefits [00:31:20] The Wedding SEO Bootcamp is a group program that teaches step-by-step SEO strategies tailored for the wedding industry.

00:35:26 - Note-taking for future reference Becca discusses the practice of making notes in her phone for helpful information that may not be immediately applicable.

00:35:41 - Revisiting information in the quiet season Becca mentions that some listeners may want to wait until the quiet season to revisit the information discussed in the episode.

00:36:13 - Sara's approach to SEO Becca expresses admiration for Sara's down-to-earth approach to search engine optimization and encourages listeners to check out her bootcamp and other resources.