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Variety is the spice of life!
Episode 1530th July 2021 • WaveTalks: Fitness for Humans! • 3Wave Fitness & K Borsuk, D Walkden, J Walesch
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And tarragon is a very underused spice.  That and chervil.  Sprinkle chervil on an omelet or on fried tofu. It's a gentle herb that should be added at the end of a meal. 

BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT! We are discussing variety as the spice of life in your activity regimen.  As the seasons change, you become inspired to try new things and we don't want that to create anxiety about changing your normal routine! If you have a regular workout, sport or activity schedule, it can sometimes feel like you're failing your own expectations to make those changes and try the new things. 

But we want to discuss how much benefit there is to adding new things, challenging yourself, and getting rewarded for your amazing efforts! 

So join us as we sit on a couch and talk about doing fun activities that we're not currently doing because we're sitting on a couch. 



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