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How To Reinvent Your Workplace with John Broer & Sara Best
Episode 55629th May 2024 • Scaling Up Business Podcast • Bill Gallagher
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How can leaders adapt their workplaces to emphasize people development and talent optimization. Also, how can they use science-backed approaches to creating a fulfilling work environment?

In this episode, Bill talks with the founders of Real Good Ventures and the hosts of the Bosshole Chronicles Podcast.

John Broer and Sara Best are People Optimization Experts who believe that better work makes for a better world. At the top of their LinkedIn profiles, they both proudly self-identify as Bosshole Prevention Specialists.

Key topics that Bill, John, and Sara explore in this episode:

- The evolution of workplaces in terms of collaboration and community.

- The metaphor that a traditional workplace is often like a stoplight intersection, while a modern workplace is (or perhaps should be) more like a roundabout.

- How some parts of modern work culture are plagued with disengagement and a lack of productivity.

- The origin of John and Sara’s podcast, the Bosshole Chronicles.

- Self-awareness, empathy, and personal growth in leadership development.

- How a lack of self-awareness and emotional intelligence can lead to poor performance and turnover.

- Vulnerability-based trust in leadership, citing Patrick Lencioni's methodologies as a key factor in creating stronger relationships.

- The importance of diversity of opinions and skill sets in the workplace.

- Using a data-driven approach to optimizing hiring employees and reducing staff turnover.

- Creating psychologically safe work environments for better team performance.

- Dr. Amy Edmondson’s research on trust and psychological safety in the workplace.

- Ensuring that mistakes are met with constructive feedback rather than punishment or character assassination.

- Why the traditional view of leadership, which values boldness and assertiveness, is outdated and overlooks the importance of emotional intelligence and cultural fit.

Thanks to John and Sara for being on the show!

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