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Ranking The 3 Major Content Distribution Buckets
Episode 2111th July 2023 • Distribution First • Justin Simon
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On this episode of Distribution First, Justin explores the 3 Bucket Distribution Strategy for content distribution. The episode looks at the challenges brands face right now to get their content seen in a sea of noise.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. Why most companies' strategies leave their work hidden from their audience.
  2. Why relying solely on SEO can be limiting and the potential pitfalls that come you'll run into.
  3. The challenges of using rented channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Threads to reach your audience (and why they should be part of your distribution arsenal anyway).

[00:00:00] Only 39% of B2B Businesses have a Content Strategy

[00:03:20] Why SEO is Still Crucial for Success

[00:06:24] The Long-term Content Mindest

[00:12:07] Using Daily Content to Drive Momentum

[00:15:34] Why Build An Owned Platform

[00:17:07] STOP Worrying About Gaming the Algorithms.



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