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226. Jordan Rahme - Birthing New Paradigms
Episode 22615th July 2020 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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In today’s episode we have the pleasure of listening to Lance & his guest, Jordan Rahme, discuss everything from quarantine, racism, and diving deep into your conscious and self-conscious mind. Jordan is a dynamic creative individual focused on personal mastery through reprogramming habits, navigating relationships, resolving traumas, and expressing one’s most authentic self. Jordan is a new age alchemist bridging ancient Eastern wisdom with modern Western technologies. He yearns to better understand our inner and outer worlds, rewire our psyches, and curate a life designed with intention and fuelled by purpose. Lance and Jordan also open to each other regarding the passing of their fathers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this mind-blowing episode!


  • [00:02:32] Jordan’s Quarantine Experience
  • [00:24:24] Jordan’s Journey
  • [00:39:08] What Is Fear?
  • [00:49:03] How Has Losing His Dad Affected Him?
  • [01:06:17] What Does Jordan Actually Do?


Jordan answers with, “Your pain is meant to be your medicine.”

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