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The Number One Way to Become a Millionaire
Episode 1126th May 2022 • The Millionaire Road • Dr. Doug Firebaugh
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Do you know the number one way to becoming a Millionaire?

There is one way above all others.

Requires a vehicle that will give you the 7 Figure revenues that eventually creates a 7 Figure net worth.

Thomas Stanley's book The Millionaire Next Door, he interviewed hundreds of Millionaires and discovered some amazing things. How a millionaire thinks, believes, lives, etc.

All millionaires have one thing in common.

It is the number one way to become a millionaire.

Owning your own business.

83% of all millionaires own their own business.

But it takes a 7 Figure Mindset to be able to build one.

Richard Branson owns 400 businesses.

Can you start ONE?

Your own business give you;

More Control.


True Security.


Energy for your dreams.

A better self image.


Increased cash flow and more.

What are you passionate about? What do you have a knack for? What comes easily for you?

These are clues to a business you can start.

Out of every dollar of value you bring to a company, you are paid about 25 pennies of every dollar and the company keeps the other 75 pennies of the dollar.

With your own business, you KEEP ALL THE PENNIES - ALL 100 pennies of every dollar vs a company keeping the majority of them.

Hewlett Packard started out of a garage.

Microsoft started out of a dorm room.

Apple started out of a garage.

Netjets started out of a small hangar at a desk.

Spanx started out of a bedroom.

Amazon started out of a garage.

Papa Johns started out of a broom closet.

What kind of business can you start out of your home?



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