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Stop Reinventing the Wheel for Faster Video Creation
Episode 11330th March 2022 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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Creating videos can be a work-intensive process – especially when you’re doing everything from scratch.

But it doesn’t have to take eons to come up with a well-rounded video, and that’s what Andy Owen, the Social Engagement and Video Manager at TechSmith, discusses in this episode of The Visual Lounge.

As Andy explains, recreating every element of your video from scratch is just not practical as your career progresses, it’s important for content creators to embrace the efficiency that comes with templatizing in order to make the most of their time.

Andy also discusses various ways to tap into your creativity while staying consistent with templates. As a bonus, he shares a few templates that he uses in Camtasia. Tune in to this episode of The Visual Lounge to hear more about how you can cut down your content creation time using templates.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • Why it’s important to create content you can watch yourself
  • What to consider when watching videos
  • What Andy still finds challenging about video creation
  • The importance of templatizing
  • When to use scripting templates
  • How to balance consistency and creativity
  • Andy shares a few templates he uses in Camtasia
  • Why calls to action are so important
  • The role of music in video creation

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