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Why we QUIT social media & why you might too!
Episode 1812th September 2023 • Travel Marketing & Media ® • Sandra McLemore
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I see you over there, lost in the jungle of social media algorithms and content waiting for that next booking to land in your inbox. Refresh.. refresh… still not there.

Remember the days when your most challenging task was remembering airport codes and learning fare basis rules, not an Instagram analytics chart?

For today's travel agents, advisors, and agency owners, the burden of wearing too many virtual hats feels all too real.

Between chasing the elusive online trends and just trying to get a like from your bestie or kids, it sometimes feels like you're an unpaid, and let's face it, slightly clueless social media manager.

But here’s a wild thought: What if the golden ticket was hitting 'logout' instead of 'post'?In this episode, we get real about our misadventures in the digital realm, and share our very own recent experience when we chose to QUIT using social media for our business!

We’ll explore whether you should too. Pack your virtual bags (and leave the selfie stick at home) for this candid and eye opening experience.