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Interview with Global Brand Strategist, Edward Farley – Part 1
Episode 2429th April 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Edward Farley has quite a history in marketing with over 25 years of experience in global marketing, brand management, creative development, and sports and entertainment marketing. He has degrees from Michigan State, Harvard Business School, and Northwestern University and has lectured on global brand management and marketing at multiple universities. Currently, Ed is working on business development for a few different agencies and is working with a product incubator accelerator that is engaged in new products in the clean technology space.

In the first part of my conversation with Ed, we discussed how he became interested in branding and marketing, as well as: 

  • How marketing today is much different than it used to be
  • How technology and the consumer experience have evolved
  • Ed’s work with a variety of industries, including beer companies, healthcare insurance, nonprofits, and financial services
  • How principles of developing a great brand strategy are fairly universal across industries
  • How Intel became one of the earliest audio branding success stories 
  • How audio branding serves as a way to drive recognition and trust
  • Ed’s work helping Humana with a complete brand repositioning
  • The importance of tone of voice and personality coming through a company’s music/audible experience
  • How companies can use audio to become more approachable, friendly, and helpful—or however they want their consumers to perceive them to be
  • Bringing an emotional vibe to a brand
  • How an Arby’s commercial can leave you feeling satisfied (even before eating their food!)
  • What exactly Ed means when he talks about a brand’s DNA
  • The best time for a company to think about audio in their marketing strategy
  • The architecture of a brand strategy and how it applies across a variety of consumers
  • How Alexa, artificial intelligence, and Amazon Polly are revolutionizing the brand experience

If you’d like to learn more about Ed and his work, the best place to connect with him is on LinkedIn at .

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