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Lessons from the Karate Kid's Bonsai Tree [E024]
Episode 2430th March 2022 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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  • The Karate Kid was told to close his eyes and picture the Bonsai tree, essentially in your mind, picture the perfect tree.
  • Get down to details, picture this tree in your mind. And now. Open your eyes and start clipping, clipping, and tying, make this tree look like your, you know, what you had pictured in your mind. And Daniel says something to the tyranny of how will I know what's right. And Mr. Miyagi responds, if it came from you, it's going to be.
  • You could be ultra-focused on one specific area of auto repair. One idea would be diagnostics. Like I want to be a diag tech. I want to, I just want to diagnose vehicles.  So maybe to get better focused on the idea here of the bonsai tree is.
  • Maybe i's worth your time to close your eyes and just think about where you want to be. What, what do you want to do? Where do you want your career to head in what direction would you like that to be? And maybe it's something very specific. Like I want to be the best alignment. In town. you know, I want to make this much money or maybe not even a dollar a month.
  • Maybe it's; I want this lifestyle, you know, own a shop. Close your eyes and think about what it is you're after. Where would you like your career to go?
  • Maybe you need to add training. Maybe you need to add reaching out to a network or join a network. Maybe it's adding friends, it's a change of venue. Maybe it's not, maybe it's a conversation. 
  • Listen to the episode with a Dutch Silverstein we talk about that you can't sit there with your mouth shut and assume they're going to the shop owner or manager is going to figure out what makes you tick.
  • Dutch Episode HERE.

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