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The Psychology of Sales with Robert Arauco
Episode 773rd August 2022 • Transformed Sales • Wesleyne
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  • [00:44] - His journey to becoming a leadership guru.
  • [04:20] - Lessons he learned in B2C sales that he still applies today.
  • [07:00] - Moving from selling knives for Cutco to selling insurance, and beyond.
  • [10:55] - Why having 1099 salespeople could be the secret to your success.
  • [12:29] - What it’s like working for a bootstrapped startup.
  • [18:19] - How to build yourself up enough to be able to navigate your career challenges.
  • [22:22] - Going from being the one-man sales department to building a team.
  • [28:51] - Focusing on the NOW as a core life philosophy and the power of being forward thinking.

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with the Executive Vice President of Sales at HomeStack, Robert Arauco. HomeStack is a rapidly growing tech startup headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with one goal in mind: To reinvent the way real estate is done today. They do that by designing personalized apps for real estate agents. The apps provide agents with live and accurate data, where they are the only point of contact for their users. This allows for agents to directly communicate with their clients and incubate long-lasting and profitable relationships.


Robert kicked off his career working as a 1099 salesperson for Cutco where he was able to master the psychology of sales. He then went into selling life insurance and later transitioned into the W-2 world working in social services. He eventually realized that he needed to get back into entrepreneurship and managed to get a role in a new tech startup (HomeStack) as its sole salesperson. They managed to bootstrap the company into the success that it is today. Tune in as Robert talks to us about what the psychology of sales is all about, the importance of continual learning in sales, why a salesperson's overall health is a big part of their career, what it’s like working for a bootstrapped startup, and how to build an effective sales team.


“Emotional intelligence is important. Listening is important. Figuring out how to handle objections and not argue with people is important” - Robert Arauco

“Listening and asking the right questions is very important so that you can really discover the truth to solve problems” - Robert Arauco

“The psychology of sales is not just about reading the person” - Robert Arauco

“The only time you really fail is when you stop, when you give up” - Robert Arauco

“Sales is the bloodline of any company, so if you’re not brining in any revenue, how are the employees gonna feed their families, and how are you gonna grow to bring in more help so the company gets to where it needs to be” - Robert Arauco

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