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Episode 35 - Finding Her Way
Episode 3520th November 2020 • Faeforge Academy • The Fandomentals
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Ariadne Zuvan isn't from Evastria, she found herself on the material plane through an arcane accident, lost in books as was always the case in the celestial plane of Aludra. And now, after seeing her sisters in the plane of memories, Il'Enyalie, she finds herself looking for a way home once more, or at least a clue. Follow along as she spends some time in the library, learns a little about her arrival on the material plane, and finds something else from her home.

The Faeforge Academy is a 5th edition, Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast featuring the Witch+Craft supplement for crafting by Astrolago press. To stay up to date with everything happening at the Academy be sure to visit our website at and follow us on twitter @FaeforgeAcademy

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Dungeon Master – Stephen Garcia – @the_baddm

Beskey Nevering – Michael Sinclair II – @michaelcrits

Ariadne Zuvan – Adelaide Gardner – @ohadelaide

Khoz Forgeheart – Ian Gould – @gameofscience

Ashryn Emberwhisper – Ky – @stonefly_ky

Sepia Goldenmorrow – Emily Smith – @emilyjeasmith

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