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2.3: Ghouls and Dolls
Episode 315th June 2021 • Roommate From Hell • Roommate From Hell
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"So she caught fire a couple of times. Who are you, C.P.S.?"


Written and produced by Tim Mucci, Nick Douglas, and Serena Berman with additional writing by Dan King


Serena Berman as Claire 

Sarah Jes Austell as Bea

Tim Mucci as Surgat

Jenny Gorelick as Chastity Goodthings

Nick Douglas as Siri

AJ Ditty as the Ruth’s Chriskeeper

Sagan Chen as Chunky

Isabelle Barbier as the Heroine

Olivia Abiassi as Grandma

Edit, sound design, and mix by Levi Sharpe

Recorded at Fortunate Horse Studio and Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn, New York

Theme song composed by Jason Oberholtzer and performed by John Girgus

Outro theme by Sybs

Art by Andrea Sparacio and Mike Mucci



Twitter: @evilsitcom

Instagram: @evilsitcom