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You Rising! - Lori Anne Rising EPISODE 36, 12th May 2021
Misfit In Hell to Heaven Expat
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Misfit In Hell to Heaven Expat

What happens when a devout Catholic has the most fundamental belief about heaven and hell turned upside down? First, she had to live through her beliefs. Then, she’d have to make sense of them. Finally, she’s able to share her story. M.K. McDaniel joins me on today’s episode to share her unique and powerful story of a near death experience (NDE) that’s both uncommon and typically kept secret, even among those who’ve also experienced NDEs. Hear her story and discover the beautiful truth that lies behind the fear. To learn more about intuitive readings and mentorship programs visit https://podspout.app/loriannerising

Guest Bio:

M.K. McDaniel was 53 years old when she was placed on a ventilator and into a drug-induced coma for a pulmonary illness. For almost three weeks, her family prayed as they hovered over herbed in the Critical Care Unit. Meanwhile, her spirit was somewhere else. It took over ten years to begin to fathom what she experienced in an afterlife of demons and fear, and eventually, God’s loving embrace. M.K. was sent back for a purpose; she just didn’t know what it was. After many years of false starts, she completed a book of her life experiences to make sense of the Dark/Distressing NDE and to offer hope and comfort to others. To learn more or check out her book visit, www.MisfitInHelltoHeavenExpat.com.