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Best Practices For Social Media | TSMP #057
Episode 576th June 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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Are you happy with your social media presence?

If you have ever wondered how social media can help in growing your entertainment business, then Aidan and Ashley have some useful information in store for you.

Building a social media presence can help you in nurturing client relationships, generating new leads, and actually getting people to find out about you.

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley share some of the best practices that can be used right away to be successful on social media.

Brace yourself to gain in-depth knowledge on how these platforms work, how you can benefit from them, and what you should do to maximise your ROI from social media.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • Importance Of Being Consistent [01:48]
  • How To Make The Platforms Work To Your Advantage [03:15]
  • Planning Your Content In Advance [04:52]
  • Stop Posting & Start Building Relationships [08:00]
  • Are You Being RELEVANT? [10:31]
  • Using Pain Points As A Tool For Engagement [13:08]
  • Prioritize THESE If You Want Social Media To Work [17:10]
  • How To Be More Consistent At Posting Content [19:27]
  • Quality Control Your Video Content [24:36]
  • Getting (& Using) Feedback [26:02]
  • Align Your Content Strategy To Your Long Term Goals [28:03]
  • What Do The Platforms Want From You? [31:31]
  • Getting Leads Through Social Media [35:34]


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