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How Digital Nomads Can Work in Canada | Episode 42
Episode 4226th September 2022 • Ask Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah • Evelyn Ackah
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Calgary immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah talks about the growing lifestyle of digital nomads and remote workers who want to work from anywhere, not necessarily their home country or the country where their employer is located. Often also called TechPats, digital nomads need an internet connection. According to Forbes, "The digital nomad lifestyle has been on the rise for years. Then when Covid-19 hit, the popularity of this new way of working exploded." To work in another country, digital nomads needs a visa. Since Canada does not yet have a digital nomad visa, how can digital nomads work in Canada? Many digital nomad visas are in countries with year-round warm weather and beaches, how can Canada attract digital nomads, freelancers and self-employed as well as remote workers who work for foreign employers?

  • What is a digital nomad?
  • How digital nomads, freelancers and the self-employed can work in Canada and even become permanent residents
  • accompanying spouses
  • self-employed visa
  • startup visa
  • The U.S. doesn't have a digital nomad visa yet either
  • Options for people when they want to work for Canadian employer
  • consulting work permits
  • working holiday program for people that are under 30 or 35
  • Tax implications for digital nomads
  • Issues for employers of digital nomads and remote workers to consider