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Welcome to Saga Kraft: myths, fairytales, legends stories, comfort us, inspire us and heal us. Please join us. As we share stories, both old and new, more than anything, we are open to the story and it's unfolding at times. It may be one story told by one person at times it's the same story told through three different voices.

In the end, we go where the story takes us and we invite you to follow. I'm Sea a writer, artist, and storyteller. I'm Betsy, a medium and teacher of mystery traditions. I'm Gabriella, an artist and practitioner of folk magic. We are magical fairy godmothers in training today, we will be talking about stars, star lore, and star beings.

And as we talk about them, we want to invite all kinds of star lore here and the wisdom of the stars and the wisdom of the ancient stars and the ancient people who gazed at the sky and divined asked for blessing followed natural cycles. So we invite all of that here today and give, thanks for those cycles.

Give thanks for the time we have under the sky. One of those constants that maybe we take for granted that there's this beautiful tapestry of twinkling lights above us, no matter where we go, we give thanks for that. And we hope that these stories find you well and bring whatever it is that you need from the day.

So we give thanks to the stars, the star lore. And to saga, I want to give thanks also to everyone who dreams of the stars and the amazing inspiration that they bring to it. And I'm wanting to honor the way the stars have guided people, as well as the different transits of the planet, the sun and moon.

I'm very aware of the power of the, not just the heavenly bodies, but the sky beings that are associated with those heavenly bodies. This is a time when we have had several comments in the sky and meteor showers that have been sharing their light with us and reminding us in this time that light comes from many different directions.

It's beautiful. Betsy, would you like to share your story? That'd be honored too. My story is a story that is related to the countries of Finland and Estonia. And the name of my story is the astral veil of Lindo. In autumn when the sky begins to darken after a summer of endless light is when I think wistfully of Linda, do I think of her as light itself, which is perhaps why she comes into my mind and my heart, when it finally becomes dark here in the North.

I gaze up into the night sky, looking at the gossamer belt of stars that shines above that is where she went. I feel sad that I cannot yet follow her someday. I will then do. His father is echo. We call him old man behind his back. This is not an insult. This is our reverence for him as our elder God of the sky.

Who came from a time before there was any earth at all his breath, his presence is all power. When we pray, we think of him on his sky power and ask that he brings our prayers to life. When strife has happened, we ask him to use his golden hammer and make thunder to clarify and cleanse. When he thinks we need something cleared, pay brings wild storms.

And our world has changed when we lose a beloved mother, husband, or child. He takes them in his chariot, into the sky. So then do was the answer to his own prayers. He had longed for and tried to make a child with his wife Rovena. They couldn't do it. Despite his healing power and her verbal skills. Gluco found a concert, a fertility goddess who conceived the flax inherited into.

She was such a treasure to have go when born that Rob now came to accept and love her too. That was Linda's gift. People loved her. She was a creature of the sky and the land and water because of this. She was gifted with her own kingdom on the shores of the Baltic sea. I lived here as well as her friend and as a member of the Swan tribe here, we played and learned and grew.

We grew into womanhood together. And I watched her become the sovereign queen of her own lens. She was known as the queen of the birds living amongst her Wingard subjects. She knew all of her birds in their many tribes and anticipated their arrival and watched their departures. She was strong minded, much like her father.

And she tried to get her birds to follow particular routes and their migrations through the skies. They didn't know as listen or understand why it was so important to her. She didn't want any of them to become lost or to lose each other. Many men wanted her for a wife to connect him through wedlock to our greatest God go.

The princes of the air descended to gaze upon her and to meet her. And one by one asked her to become their bride. She was the most beautiful creature they had ever seen once they saw her. All of these men wanted her for herself because she was simply the beautiful and graceful Lindor. And Linda was aware of their regard and viewed it with ride humor.

They don't know me at all. It's not about me. Lynn do it's about my beauty and my father that they see, she would say, as we would look upon yet, another suitor, Linda was always respectful to these young men. I never more so than when she was saying no to them. When sun with hair, the color of golden egg yolk came to court, her.

She acknowledged the honor, he bestowed on her and said no. When silver haired, moon and bolded by her refusal of son came to see her. She said no to him as well in the kindest way possible her stepmother, Matt asked her what she was looking for. If neither of these two very suitable luminaries appealed to her after being wed to the somewhat stormy.

Volatile and not very faithful would go. She thought that sun or moon were good, reliable prospects for marriage. Mama they're too reliable. Sun follows the same course every day, moon. Oh, as follows his own cycle. We know where he is. Every moment Robin I've reminded her that following the same course was what she, Linda was trying to get her birds to do.

I'm not a bird. She said laughing. I'm Lynn do queen of the birds. I want more, the midnight haired polar star came courting Buco and Robinah both agreed that this was a son-in-law that they could cherish. He had intense and mesmerizing dark eyes that met her eyes, gray, like her fathers. She felt her blood Quicken and could almost see a life with him.

She held off his proposal though, asking that they spend time getting to know each other. To me, she said his own was in the same place, not even a pathway that he follows, but exactly the same. Can I do that? I don't know. Then do Hey will be a good husband. I confided to her. I would very much like him as a husband, but in Linda's presence, no man ever looked twice at me.

I know it would, but I'm not sure. I think that I will know my husband, when I see him Northern light came calling, he was ravishing and his green and red luminous light. He knew it too. His clothes reflected his transitory nature, shimmering and iridescent then fell in love with his beauty and with his shining splendor.

Before he ever uttered a word, he was very charming, too charming. I thought then do was sure that he was the one that she had waited for. Luca was very grumpy and emitting little cracks of thunder when the nuptials were agreed upon. Northern light cause simmering with smiles. So, you know, it couldn't tolerate daylight.

So he asked for and received the midnight land as the engagement and dowery gift. He appeared delighted in an indolent way, which irritated even more. The wedding date was set. I'm Northern light, agreed to come back ahead of that date. He left charming and glamorous tendril of light curling after him that soon utterly disappeared.

Buco fumed and he'd great size, et cetera, little swirling winds and motion. Linda was so happy. Russia had never bothered with a Trousseau and wedding clothes. Now she focused on them and earnest frost provided the most beautiful and delicate lace for her veil. The swans provided the softest and warmest of feathers for a gown worthy of the queen of the birds and bride of Northern light.

All her bird folk offered what they could to help her have the most splendid bride clothes that a bride could dream of. We worked and worked to finish up preparations before Northern light returned. Linda spoke about him, constantly, her happiness overflowing sun moon, and polar star retired from the list, not able to court her anymore.

I looked forward to seeing polar star then does wedding Northern light ever in constant in his nature? And with this engagement, dowery gift of the midnight lens already in hand, never returned. Linda watched the skies constantly, still trusting that he would come on the wedding day, then do dressed in her amazing down in Vail and waited and waited and never came desperate, sad, and upset.

Linda started crying and wasn't able to stop. She cried so much. Her dress became completely wet. She continued to cry, losing all sense of herself. She forgot to direct her birds and truly didn't care. If they could find their proper path, she wept. And as she did, she became more insubstantial and eventually started floating in the air, still crying, courteously.

was at first angry. And then as her crying and sadness continued, he became very alarmed. He asked the greatest of the wins to come and to bear her a loft into the sky so that she could escape her sorrow and remembrance of betrayal by her despicable suitor. He asked her to come into the skies and rain in the heavens with him.

Unable to say yes or no. She just cried. He took her into the sky with him or upwards by the great winds, higher and higher. Her trailing Lacy frost veil turned into millions of shining stars. This veil of stars became the night path called the path of the birds, the Milky way lovingly held in the sky realm.

Linda's soon remembered herself, the true Lindo. And she remembered her birds. When her voice ceased it's crying. She used it to sing rune songs for her birds to recognize this immense star path that we call her Astro Vale. The birds incorporated her songs into their navigation and now never lose their way.

On very rare nights, raining in the sky. As a queen Linder sees Northern light shining in the distance and wonders. How could she ever have wanted to be with him?

That was beautiful. Beautiful. Well, my story, maybe I'm a little more humorous. But it wants to be told than it is the story of the Zaria core of the Slavic lands. They are the three sisters, the three sisters, and that also rain over day, evening and night. My eldest sister Zaria was nagging at me again, wake up Sasha.

You're late. The sun is ready to ride and you have not opened the gate yet. Her annoyed voice piercing through my dreams sharply already. It can't be time yet. It's so early in the spring, I still have another hour. At least it's daylight savings. We talked about this last week, one less hour of sleep for you.

And I am a robbed of an hour of my precious night work. I don't know how I'm supposed to distract all of those nightmares or send them off to the children who behave badly and deserve them. The nightmares won't distract themselves, you know? I really hate daylight, light savings, Zuri, a mumbled, disgruntled Lee, as she so often did.

And yes, I was certainly hating daylight savings right now, too, as my head spend with grogginess and a vague recollection of another boring times and cycles meetings a few days ago. Not that I dislike cycles, that's not it at all. I just dislike the meetings about the cycles and my sister's giving me grief for being late and spending too much time with smuggle.

Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to keep the beast happy. So he won't grow to restless. And it's not my fault that he likes me most. I'm the only one who lets him out of his chains. So he could make a few laps around the Milky way to tire himself out. I don't dare tell my sisters those for, they would surely disapprove or fear that the hound will not return.

And then as they say, whoever they are. All hell would break loose, no pressure, but the truth is the hound always comes back for now, at least. And I always feed him with the best of the day stories so he can fall asleep peacefully. I don't know if I'm supposed to, but I cherish smart goal. Great lot. And I feel bad for him.

Unlike us, who are the beloved Zaria sisters of our people? He is feared mostly because he is misunderstood. But he is as much part of the sacred cycles and keeping them as we are maybe even more for his, the compass. And he can feel when things are out of balance and when a great change might have to come, just like us, he is part of what our people see and believe when they look up to, as we stretched across the sky, my people see me as the youngest sister, because I arrive in the morning.

I am Zaria Donna and I opened the Gates for the sun chariot to run and for the sun to come because I am the first to arise. I bring hope and possibility to the day men would take off their hats at Dawn and greet me, asking that I blessed her day Lester work, and I am happy to do so with my arrival and the break of night.

Children's fears dissolve just like the morning fog. I dispersed with my waking. My sisters will say that I am the people's favorite. And maybe for some of them that is true for other people. There's a great thread for the coming day because they don't love their work or their lives, and would rather stay deep in slumber.

I shine on them as brightly as I can hoping that they will feel my glow and be warmed by the potential of a new day. But they simply don't look at me like they used to. So I'm unable to help as much. My older sister arrives in the evening to close the Gates. After the sun, when the sky begins to darken, she summons the soft veil of dusk that reminds people that it's time to head home from a hard day's work alerts to birds, to soften their voices and find their sleeping nests.

She is the lover's lamp and most intimate witness to the vows they make to each other. I rarely get to see these intimate moments between lovers since they tend to be occupied with other things. When I'm on watch, I have asked, do you have your charter that many times to share some of their delightful stories, but she is so secretive and greedy with her observations and it will not share anything with me.

Not fair. In my opinion, her time sounds so romantic and enchanting. My eldest sister is Zodiac and she comes at midnight. Some people fear her greatly. Certainly some children do because her dark arrival can bring nightmares and bad dreams and other dangerous creatures who feel safe to come out disguised by the full darkness.

Others honor her great power and magic making spells most potent at her time. Well safely hidden in the night. She is also the one who carries the body of the resting sun to rise again. Our people will say that the sun dies every night and is reborn at Dawn with me. But in fact, the son just like us is beyond life and death.

And there's really no human word that could name what really happens during his daily journey. And since our people tend to be a little dramatic, they've always said that the son dies because they like to talk about doom, death, and dying. No wonder that the little ones have so many nightmares. My poor sisters already have pulled notes.

Now stays very busy during slumber time to keep them all safe from dreams about doom, death, and dying. And they don't even know that she protects them. They think she's the one who brings the nightmares. No wonder. She's always so cranky. I love my sisters dearly, even though we tend to bicker amongst ourselves more so now than ever before.

In truth, all three of us have had to work much harder than we used to. We still love and care about our people, but they have very much changed and we worry about them and their world. As much as ours times of day are blended together. Now, people don't honor the times of work, play and sleep. They don't honor their dreams.

They extend themselves working into the evenings and not resting fully, not allowing us to tend to them appropriately. The nights are so bright, too bright. Lit up by strange lamps that make our eldest sister almost invisible in some parts of the land, which is so sad for she is so vibrant, most beautiful of all of us, I might say.

And poor smuggle feeling all of the restlessness and her tiredness and the blending of times and cycles as people stopped honoring them. I don't know how much longer I can tell him stories that will satisfy him. He loves to hear about adventures, quests travel. He loves the sound of people's laughter.

As they gather around the fire and share dreams with each other. If you are hearing the story, maybe this is a story just for you. Even if your people had different names for the stars, surely they gazed upon them. And upon us with wonder, with hope with longing. And this is how we look at you now with longing.

We want you and long for you to be happy to live fully, to gaze and dream and dare to honor the precious cycles within us and within you. Because even though we don't know where we came from, we have always been here and hope to always be here for you to shine and guide your path.

Oh, I loved that. I loved it. The engaging quality of this particular Zaria and to find out more about what her sisters do. Thank you very much. It was a fun story to write. I loved her character really. I've just really enjoyed honoring her voice and, and seeing her perspective on the other sisters as well.

For, she would have the closest perspective. And that's what I like too, is that she would have insight into things that people might miss. So it seems like she acts like a bridge maybe between her sisters and the ones that they are shining over. I think so. And I think in some way, All of the sisters would be a bridge to each other in a different way based on what their relationship is to each other.

I'm sure her relationship with her older sister is very different than with the eldest. So there may be more stories about these three. I don't know, because I'm curious about that. I would imagine when it comes to amazing sisters like this, there must be a number of stories and stories that are seen from each of their viewpoints too.

Absolutely. Absolutely. I, I have always loved the sisters. And so I'm super excited that you actually chose them. That is fantastic for me. I totally want to hear more. Oh, good. No pressure

on, are there cycles as they want to appear? And that's the, I absolutely loved your story. Absolutely. And chanted by it. And I love that out of the sorrow comes this great gift and even bigger resetting of direction. And. Just the stretching of protective. I see it as these great big webs and pathways in the sky.

Better unbreakable, no birds can be lost now because of this. I loved it too. I loved that. She fell in love with the one that was ever changing because I knew immediately when he entered the scene, that that also was the one I would fall in love with, but it would last about 10 minutes. So I totally loved the character, but I also loved her respectful.

No. And it's so felt like her coming into her own power or to be that she got to create that thing. You know, the cycles, the berms, and the creating that, and going through the grief and taking back the projection of beauty that she put on this other feature, she sort of removed it and put it back into herself and made it manifest in the world and made her own pallor.

And I loved that. I see it very much that way, too, that she was even more than do after she had been through this broken hearted experience. And I loved the father's love for her. I mean, from the beginning, the quest to have her, and then the recognition of her at an early, quite early time in her life to let her become this queen of her own domain and the way that she.

Respected that, you know, as a sovereign queen and a sovereign queen of the weird ones that they were under her care, it's an incredibly empowering story. I mean, it is sad, but I think everyone has an experience of a broken heart, but not all of us come out of it as our true selves.

And for that, I find the story really inspiring. I love the end.

I love what she says at the end that she, you know, I thought, Oh, she's going to look across and see the Northern lights. And in some way they're together. No. How could she ever think.

Yeah. And mercifully that the appearance of the Northern lights is though is quite rare to even far in the North. You can never depend on it for sure. Happening, even when it's predicted. So to become herself was much the better path for her. I think it really feels like it was the destined path for her.

Absolutely love. Just looking at the suitors to, of spending time with Vindu. I really enjoyed. But what I loved about the suitors was seeing these heavenly bodies as personified as these different men, you know, these young men who each present in their own kind of personality. I dunno. So for some reason I really enjoyed that.

Did you find that about the Zuora is too, that you could really feel or sense their distinct personalities? Very much so. Very, very much so. And even as I'm thinking about this now, and this was completely without that, not, not on purpose, but the secret of Zoria doesn't really have a voice. And I didn't realize that until just now that the one that wouldn't share what, you know, whatever meetings she has witnessed in the darkness, that's the youngest Zuora.

I really wanted to know about that. She doesn't really have a voice in here. And so even on that alone, I trust that these are real beings, real voices. And yet I feel like, well, we tend to hear for the personality of a being that may be outside of personality and only when they come closely to us, does that personality come alive depending on how we perceive them?

I wonder too, because people can be day people or. Later afternoon, people are night owl people. If that gives them a connection to one of these Zori is too. If you're an early bird, you're the one who's there for the Dawn. I think so. Yes, definitely. Like I really feel that, especially with the night one with the midnight Zodiac, who's feared by so many.

I feel that. There are people who would really seek her out and honor her for her time, knowing that there's certain things that can happen only at midnight, just like certain things can happen only Dawn and only in the evening or later in the afternoon. So I feel like all of these sisters would have their ideal or their, their groups of people that would honor them at those times.

In some way in sync with them or simpatico with them in some way. Wow. I love that thought. I totally loved the idea of people coming out during the night to the people of the dangerous creatures, things that feel safe, not being seen and is awake at a certain time of night to know that there's a Zoria who is awake also.

Can be a wonderful thing. Yeah. Well, and I remember growing up and even now I still have my parents who will have a very traditional Polish, Catholic Christmas Eve dinner. But so the Zoria vitro to now the evenings Doria is the one that we would look for. Until we could sit down because until you saw the for, you know, so it was always up to the children to spot her.

When you see their first evening star appear in the sky, then you can sit down to that meal, to that sacred meal. So I've always feel like she has a special announcing power and announcing gift that when she arrives, it's time to put everything down and gather. And honor and be together and feast and listen.

So I she's lovely as well though. She doesn't speak much in here at all. She is that one. I love that idea. I love that you would sit up and wait for the star. That's so beautiful until you see her. You can't sit down and, and that meal cannot happen. So she's very important and you can't make it up either because there'll be a grandma right after saying, where is it?

Is she really there? Or are you making it up? Well, thank you both. I thought they were amazingly beautiful and Holly loved both of them. Thank you. See, very empowering and comforting. Very nice. Well, it was before we talk about what we're taking into the next week with us, shall we wait until we hear your star story and talk about that?

I can see you. Yes. You, I can see all of you. I have never had an easy time dating. My friend said I just hadn't met the right woman, frankly. I found it presumptuous of them to assume it was a woman I was looking for. But Hey, I did have a wife once, so maybe they were just deducing still. It would have felt good to know that they supported me no matter what, my choice in any event, it had been a long time since.

I haven't had any interaction. The only one I know who is interested is Rose and the truth was I found her repulsive. Sure. She was excellent in the interaction department, but she was kind obedient and attentive. It made me shutter. It was all I could do to enjoy the rom, but get out quick. I was looking for something more alternative a month before I'd fallen hard and far for a lovely little package named Lillis.

She had just been through a painful breakup and what was me a widower? I thought she'd be all into me. My wife and I bless her soul, had a lovely relationship. I always treated her with respect and I never hesitated to let her be on top. In fact, it was my preference after a long day. It's good to be taken care of, but no, well, it just wasn't over the other guy.

Said she was made for him, whatever. I finally had to accept that it was time to move on, though. I still loved her. I decided to go on a walk about, well, a fly about. Clear my heart. So bodily exertion, that's what I intended. I changed into an Eagle. We do that, you know, it's to keep the canines guessing, am I predator or prey?

I flip a wing in their direction and they lunged in just as they charge. I jumped back and turned into me again and they leap back whimpering. And give me that I've been a bit of dog look, no end of fun. Anyway, so I changed into an Eagle and fly toward the Outback to be alone only. I soon remember that I forgot to eat.

I know. It's funny that I remember that I forgot, but that's how it went. I never forgot to eat before I fell in love with the little Vixen, but that's love, it leads to starvation. I looked down and there were three blokes in my forest, my forest, where I'd come to be alone, sitting, prepping some meat for the fire.

So I perched up in a tree to have a little fun. I put a time capsule spell on them. My wife taught it to me. She used it to keep her face useful. I used it to keep their meat raw. You should have seen them checking it again. And again, it took them hours to look around and see what I was doing by the time they did, I was starved.

I'd have picked a different trick. If I had known how deaf they were, I promise to lift the spell and let the meat cook. As long as they let me eat first, they didn't even come back with a offer. They just agreed. So the meat cooked when it was done, they took it off the fire and appropriately offered it to me.

I flew over and cowed down. I was famished. I'd almost polished it off. When one of them came at me with a stick, me, came at me with a stick, but then I glanced over at him. He was kind of hot. As I said, it had been too long. By this time though, he was swinging at me instinctively. I grabbed him and took off.

I just wasn't thinking I was hungry in more ways than one. It had been too long. I headed back to my house and started the descent. When I Ms. Good and smacked him into a tree suffice to say he was no longer looking so hot. He was looking more like the earlier meat. And it occurred to me that this was a bad idea.

Anyway, my daughter bless her heart was home, probably making me a dinner. I'd like much more than the grody meet. The three trespassers served. So I veered upward and turned to take him back only to smack him into another tree. He started screaming in both terror and rage. It would have been kind of sexy if he wasn't such a mess on one hand, this was not the relaxing fly about, I was hoping for on the other.

I'd always found that business transactions go better when the other participant is afraid, they'll die. So I thought quick, clearly he was no longer dating material, at least not for a few weeks, but maybe he could hook me up. Even I shouted, swear. You'll bring me even in our apples or I'll put you down when he didn't answer.

I smacked him into another tree. At that point, it didn't make much of a difference. Next week I added for clarity. I swear. He answered after another heart flak, you see oats in our world are unbreakable. You can try to break them, but it doesn't work out. If you don't go to the forest sworn the forest.

Warren comes to you. So the following week I waited in the forest and sure enough, there was Ethan and the previously hot guys still in recovery. I turned into an Eagle once again and swooped down, grabbing her and taking her back to my house. This time though. I was so excited. I forgot about my daughter.

As soon as I landed my ran out to show me the cake. She had just made an Apple cake, chin, Ethan bonded immediately. They ran into the kitchen together and baked up of Apple flavored storm. As you might imagine, this was not how I expected things to go. I was thinking a nice dinner drinks and maybe some trauma bonding, but now my girl had taken Ethan as her play thing.

And there's nothing I can deny my little pumpkin. When I faced that the two of them could keep at this for weeks, I decided enough was enough and flew off to spend some quality time with Rose. I claimed to be in the area, looking for even who I'd heard was missing and spend my days alone in the forest and night and Rose's bed.

But then one morning I was looking out her window. When I saw Falcon leaving my house. I had no Falcon friends, but Ethan had one. And my poor little pumpkin was alone at home with that Apple bearing immortal. I took off immediately and pursued. I flew and flew as fast as my wings could carry me. I was heading toward the gated community at the other end of the forest incest pursuit.

I was almost upon it when I passed over the enclosure and was met by a second wall. This one plane. My poor feathers lit like Tiki torches and I plummeted to the ground. No, I cried as they set upon me, who will look after my little pumpkin and with that, they plucked out my eyes and threw them into the sky where they still are today.

Glittering stars. I can see my pumpkin. I can see you. Yes, you, I can see all of you. Thanks. I wonder if they can see me right now was up there that way. So I'm curious, is there form to this being before they were Starlight? Because it feels like there are so many things. That's the Ozzie, the giant.

Oh, wow. I did not even know that story. Wow. I mean, that leads to her, going to the parliament of the gods and asking for compensation for the death of her father. Oh my gosh. Sorry. Leading into story. Leading into story. Wow. That's beautiful. So he's a giant, is that right? Yes. He is a giant, giant eyes looking down like a guardian.

What was it like for you to be with Jase? I actually quite liked him. I, you know, I wouldn't want to hang out with him a lot because frankly he's kind of violent, but you know, not to me. And so that's great, but I did like him. He has some charisma. I always wonder what it's like for being to have such a place in the world or the worlds in this case, the Norris worlds.

And status also and quite a lot of power. And then all of a sudden they're in a completely different life. Right? What do you think that was like for him? Oh, I weirdly think it was pleasant when I sort of feel into that, I feel just relaxed, just like, Oh, I can retire Scotty. And the nurse tradition is such a handful too.

It's nice to think of her as somebody's pumpkin.

Yeah. Well, it certainly gives perspective to the grand juror and the power of that world. And who's who in it. They strangely all feel like they have a quality of retirement to them. When I think of those areas, I still feel a sense of a daily retirement, but still retirement. You know what I mean? Like it's out of my hands now.

Yeah. Well, they certainly have a time that they overlook and also their work has really shifted as times have shifted. So I think that's also another thing that we're looking at here with some of these bigger beliefs and concepts and constructs of our world is what happens to those constructs. If they are no longer fed or if they're no longer recognized, does that change them?

And if so, how. Can they be brought back. Do they want to be brought back? Will they be the same, even if they are believed again? Yeah. I don't see how they could be. And I absolutely loved the Northern lights one. Yeah.

I think that one still is with me, really with the flight of the birds and the, their migration and just the power of that movement. It's really wonderful to sit with. Thank you. But I mean, one thing that I'm just noticing and even talking about these different characters in these different stories, in these different transformations, at least in the case of two of these stories of how.

We can change and grow. We can have a very vital life in one part of reality or one part of the world, or even just the part of the world that makes up our life and something can happen that can catapult us into an entirely different existence. And. When it does just feeling the difference, for instance, in Theodosia of who he was before and who he was after, after words that vastness and that expansiveness and that seeing you and seeing everyone and seeing everything kind of aspect to him, and also knowing we can look up into the night sky and see him too.

I love that. I think it's also fascinating to think about being able to read stories and sagas that mentioned different beings and breed the moves and just see that when we see them in those, or we hear about them, or we read about them in those moments, it's a few sentences and it means this, but when we stop and really hone in on it and look at the story of how that came to be.

There's Laurie. So I'm really grateful for both of your stories for that reason, to know that by having a deeper insight into their personalities and into the ways that they are shining above, I find that fascinating and really, really powerful. So thank you. Thank you for these stories. Yeah. Thank you.

Yeah, they're beautiful

And special thanks to the fantastic Zoe Magik for her phenomenal editing skills.