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In Right Standing Podcast w/ Jada L. Cofield - In Right Standing Podcast EPISODE 14, 16th February 2021
Light It Up!

Light It Up!

We are back with the third season!

Light It Up! Light up your life, your vision, your purpose, and your future. How does one light it up...simply by learning how to Pray. Prayer is one of the most neglected privileges, gifts, weapons, and direct access we have.  Many people use prayer as a last resort rather than a first. How often do you pray?

In this episode, Jada dives deep into what prayer is, why people choose not to pray, how to develop your own prayer life, and so much more! 

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Jada Cofield has an accumulation of teachings, observations, and studies from her twenty-five years as an ordained minister, a sister, a friend, a daughter, and a woman coupled with her travels and living throughout the world.

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