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How to Unlock Productivity and Navigate Challenges to Pursue Purpose with Frank Viola, Part 1 of 2
Episode 1017th July 2023 • Raising The Standard • Josh Khachadourian
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In this episode, join acclaimed author Frank Viola as he unveils the secrets he has learned on his remarkable journey towards unlocking productivity, overcoming challenges, and finding his personal formula for moving forward. With his time-tested wisdom, Frank has written over 30 best-selling books, manages two influential blogs, hosts two engaging podcasts, and hosts conferences. His mission is to call those searching for more into the deeper Christian life.

Tune in as we dive into a range of captivating topics, including:

• The current trends in Christianity and entrepreneurship.

• Discover how Frank manages to produce an extraordinary amount of quality content while maintaining his productivity.

• Uncover the difference between the studio life and the industrial life, and gain insight into Frank's early beginnings and the discovery of his mission.

For creators struggling with self-doubt and discouragement, Frank offers invaluable advice and shares his own journey in overcoming these challenges. Witness the importance of understanding that your gift is not meant for everyone and embrace a new perspective on success. Learn how Frank defines success and why his definition may radically reshape your own viewpoint.

Join us on this transformative episode as we explore the depths of productivity, resilience, and finding purpose in your calling.

Frank is the author of Insurgence, Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom as well as Pagan Christianity, From Eternity to Here, 48 Laws of Spiritual Power, plus many more best selling books. He is the host the Christ is All and Insurgence podcasts.

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