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46: Marketing B2B Services & Advertising Tips for Better Unit Economics - with Katie Hollar, VP of Marketing at Clutch
Episode 467th February 2024 • Women in B2B Marketing • Podcast Host: Jane Serra, 15+ years in B2B marketing across all industries from SaaS to Marketing Agencies and International Outsourcing.
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In this episode of Women in B2B Marketing, host Jane Serra interviews Katie Hollar, VP of Marketing at Clutch. They delve into the nuances of B2B marketing from a B2B Services perspective, with Katie sharing insights from her journey and the importance of having a strong point of view (POV) to stand out in the industry. They discuss the challenges of economic uncertainty and the strategies for navigating it.

Katie and Jane talk through:

  • Katie's experiences working in both large and small companies and the lessons learned from each
  • the differences and challenges in marketing for B2B services compared to SaaS companies
  • starting with a broad approach when testing new ad channels but keeping messaging targeted
  • the impact of economic uncertainty on B2B services and the shift in project nature and demand
  • the benefits of niching down
  • leveraging community amplification for brand reach
  • drawbacks of overengineering attribution models and the need for a more creative and influential approach
  • avoiding lazy reporting and understanding the down-funnel impact of marketing efforts
  • seeking autonomy and personal growth in career decisions, beyond being tied to a specific organization
  • being emotionally connected to work and the importance of caring "less" to maintain perspective

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