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My Happiful SUP Journey - With Journalist Lucy Donoughue
Episode 7416th August 2021 • SUPfm The International Stand Up Paddle Board Podcast • Simon Hutchinson
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In this week's episode we feature journalist Lucy Donoughue from Happiful Magazine.

Lucy wrote a beautiful love letter to SUP in her article Falling Isn't Failing which revealed how SUP has eased some personal challenges including obsessive compulsive disorder, body self image and early menopause.

In this episode we freewheel across a number of topics recognisable to anyone who's fallen for the sport whatever your experience level and Lucy explains how as a recent beginner it's about the learning experience, not being afraid to give things a try and to embrace the fact that falling isn't failing.

Don't forget to check out Happiful's Podcast, 'I am. I have' hosted by Lucy here:

Lucy has been instructed by Rachel from @SUP4Coach over at

In the episode we discussed Lizzie Carr and her incredible Plastic Patrol organisation and if you want to have a listen to the episode it's here

Happiful Magazine is a publication devoted to sharing stories about mental health and challenging mental health stigma and has a counselling directory to provide support.

Happiful website is here:

Connect with Happiful and Lucy on social media

Facebook @happifulhq

Twitter @happifulhq

Lucy is also on Twitter @LucyDonoughue

Instagram @happiful_magazine

Lucy is also on Instagram here: @lucyviews

Happiful is on You tube

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Starboard has a long history in board design, with Svein Rasmussen entering the windsurfing market with innovative designs back in 1994, building the brand to become market leader within a decade. The brand was quick to recognise the huge potential of stand up paddling and while maintaining careful consideration for their environmental impact, have continuously strived to produce the best boards and paddles for all abilities.

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