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"Keep Looking Up: A Conversation on Loving Your Spouse Through Sickness, Building Faith in God During Suffering & Facing the Coming End Times" w/Tom Williams
Episode 163rd February 2023 • Life & Leadership w/Daniel Kitchel • Daniel Kitchel
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Tom Williams has been married for 47 years to his wife, Annette. In January of 2022, he faced the unthinkable as his wife had three massive strokes in a short time. Things looked bleak. Miraculously, a hopeless situation began a slow turn towards healing and progress. Tom walks us through the dark months of possibly losing his wife to bringing her home for recovery. It is a story of love, faith, and selflessness.

It is a story of determination.

How do you make it through shocking life events like this? Tom tells us to "Keep Looking Up."

Additionally, Tom has a deep love for Bible Prophecy. Are we in the final four years of this age? He shares his heart about where we might be in the timeline of events. While he will not predict dates, he challenges us to be spiritually and physically prepared for imminent events.

YouTube Devotional w/Tom Williams

The Final Four Years

Matthew 24

Joel 2:31

Joel 3:1-2

Hosea 6