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100 | Embracing The Role Of Sacred Changemaker in Life & Business
Episode 10016th January 2023 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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We have a different kind of episode lineup for you today because it’s our 100th episode, and to celebrate I have invited some members of our Sacred Changemakers Inner Circle to join me for a discussion.

Today we are answering one of the questions I get asked most - which is “what is a sacred changemaker?” And I can’t think of better people to answer that than our guests who are all living deeply into their soul’s purpose, being authentic with what matters most to them, and using their business as a transformational force for good.

This conversation is rich and deep and filled with lots of insights about how business and leadership are changing, but we’re not talking in abstract ways, we’re all in the trenches working with leaders to stay ahead of the curve and so you’re going to hear some very practical advice that can help you in your life and business. I think you’re going to enjoy this vibrant dialogue.

Todays Guests:

Al Spicer - As founder & CEO of Extraordinary Life, Inc., Al has been a trusted confidant and strategic advisor to senior-level executives for over 20 years. He helps business leaders, and their teams thrive in today’s VUCA world by helping them increase their leadership acuity and agility through personal and professional development.

Crina Ancuta - Crina Ancuta is a Relationship Coach, empowering women executives to live fulfilled personal lives and amplify their impact, as inspirational, authentic leaders. Her unique approach to transformation taps into the fundamentals of conscious living, cultivating her clients’ emotional, mental, and spiritual mastery, so they thrive in all their relationships, in integrity with their soul’s desire.

Shari Goodwin - Shari Goodwin is an innovative strategist, leadership coach, author, speaker, and horsewoman with over 25 years of experience, including starting four businesses and serving as Director of Program Strategy for a global engineering firm. A former environmental scientist, Shari’s equine-assisted leadership program is featured in her recent TEDx talk.

Claudia Lindby - Executive & team performance coach working with evolutionary leaders. Claudia works with leaders to redefine Performance Leadership and create practical strategies to get there, combining 25 years of experience in international business, from top management and business owner positions, with a deep understanding of what it means to be human ("human technology”).

Lynn Rousseau - Lynn is the CEO and Founder of The Conscious Leader, a coaching and consulting company helping business leaders create intentional cultures to produce exceptional outcomes, specializing in individual and team leadership development for C-suite executives. She helps executives uncover the habits/behaviors getting in their way to transform into new ways that produce exceptional outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the unpredictability of change and be open to creating something new
  • How the pandemic has unleashed what was already running under the surface
  • The day-to-day reality of shifting organizational and business life in a new direction
  • How we’re shifting towards creative destruction, dynamic balance, and collective wisdom
  • The importance of connecting deeply with the mission of your organization and exploring how you can add value to it

Memorable Quote:

“What if we would be sacred, how would we treat ourselves? What if life in its essence is sacred and then we can integrate treating the work we do as sacred? What if we choose to see the sacredness in everything? We’re integrating as humans with something bigger than us” - Crina Ancuta

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