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Success Inspired - Vit Müller EPISODE 47, 13th March 2021
Retirement dream life & travel lifestyle

Retirement dream life & travel lifestyle

My guests today is a couple in their mid/late 50’s , Carla & Simon Fowler, who have been living aboard their 40 foot catamaran, Ocean Fox, and sailing the worlds oceans for two and a half years. 

What started as a crazy idea of Carla’s (who’d never sailed a day in her life), just two days after their wedding, turned into an adventure sailing over 24,000 nautical miles in 30 months, visiting many counties and they have documented our journey in more than two hundred videos on YouTube.

They have since become an inspiration for retired couples looking for a sea-change, proving that it’s never too late to have an adventure. 

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  • (00:06:06) - What goes in to the process of buying a boat
  • (00:09:04) - Career of Carla & Simon before the life on the boat
  • (00:12:12) - How Simon & Carla finance their lifestyle living on a boat
  • (00:14:13) - Carla & Simon's Youtube channel
  • (00:21:55) - Benefits of life on a boat
  • (00:28:23) - Pirates of the Caribbean are real
  • (00:33:38) - Making money while living on a boat - live aboard experience.
  • (00:40:51) - Regular day example of living on a boat

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